In a report which traced the contemporary art market over 20 years, CEO and Founder of thierry Ehrmann said of contemporary art, “Formerly…
New series of emotionally-charged abstracts on view thru October 3, 2021
Does an artist’s work record history, is it a signifier of culture, does it teach, is it a communication tool, does it incite conversation or is it onl…
See you in 2 weeks.
With news of New York City businesses heralding their comeback amid the cautious resurgence of in-person dining, events and socializing; I received a m…
Documentary film distributed by Gravitas Ventures
“The luxury magnate’s Bourse de Commerce Museum was worth waiting for.”
“It’s a good thing that his application to the academy in Leipzig was unsuccessful. The reason: A special talent could not be established.”
On her practice: “I see my work as a kind of social activism.”
Programming to focus on presenting exceptionally talented artists who have thus far been under-appreciated in the mainstream art world
CEO and Founder, Rogue Media Group, Maximillian L. Hamilton
Now offering Virtual Tastings of 150 Wines and 18 Curated Wine Flights