Generally, a late Sunday morning coffee with a mix of fruit and yogurt is followed by flipping through a potpourri of local and international news to ascertain the media’s focus on what’s happening in our backyards and what topics are dominating discussions around the world.
I almost hate to watch the news these days. But in some peculiar way, I need to know what’s going on around the world. For the first time I felt like…
“There is always something erupting from my imagination and unconscious which pushes me to paint”
You are invited to access our archives (click on the hyperlinks indicated in red), for timely and engaging conversations with an international network…
Today, industries that care about the environment are looking at how best to reduce their carbon footprint. While in past years brands seemed to mainly…
For those in a Wanderlust State of Mind - Eugenio Maslowski of Successful Strategies Group/Concierge Services encourages, “think Portugal”
Selections from Forbes Carbon Black Painting Series on Exhibition in “Minimalism Transformed“ at Oeno Gallery, Ontario November 13 - December 5, 2021
Art League Houston (ALH) named Dallas-based Artist Vicki Meek as the 2021 Texas Artist of the Year
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